Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Joseph is such an amazing son. I just love him. I especially love how well rounded he is. He is loving Jr. High. Football season has just started and it is my favorite time of year. Here he is on kick off. The one on the far right. He is so cute.
Emily likes to come and cheer.

Tonight's game he was on fire. He got tackle after tackle....
......after tackle! It was so fun. Everyone was cheering and calling out his name. He was the star of the game. I love it when that happens.

Here he is doing a great block! Chris is one of his coaches this year. It is so great watching my boys together.

Labor day was a fun day for Joseph. He planned a breakfast with some of his friends. He assigned them each something to bring and then had me cook it all for them. They ate outside and played together all day. I am so glad he has so many good friends. He is always with someone.

Joseph is also a good little boy scout. He got several awards at the Court of Honor. I just love that moms get hugs at these things!!!

One thing that I really like about Joseph is that he just plays. He doesn't play video games or watch TV very often. He just goes out and finds fun things to do. The other day I was at the grocery store and there he was with his friends. It was hot out and they were playing hide-and-seek. Very resourceful! He made some great sidewalk chalks murals with his friend the other day. I just love my Joseph!!