Friday, October 30, 2009


This is what Christopher's teacher said he could get extra credit for wearing in a fashion team performance at school. If you ever need a good laugh become my facebook friend and watch the link. Watching Chris watch the video was even better. He was laughing so hard. I'm so glad he can laugh at himself and be so lighthearted. I love that kid!
Emily wanted to be a baby. Those bows came in handy Jaime thanks. She doesn't look much different than any other day! She did use a pacifier and bottle that were bought for Sarah. She very proudly told all her class they were her sister's things. I think her wanting to be a baby for Halloween and use her sister's stuff is her way of connecting to her. What a sweet girl.
Okay, now here is my "Joe Cool" being cool. I think he looks hilarious in this Afro! He went on a great field trip to BYU yesterday. Only the student council from the elementary schools went. Three kids per school. So it really was a special treat. It was a student council leadership conference. They got pizza and even go to hear John Bytheway speak. Now that is just awesome!! He loved it so much and took very wonderful notes. What a great boy!
Mr. Hercules!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Time To Get Caught Up

It has been a couple months since I have blogged. We have been a busy little family.I have all the pictures in backwards order, but it takes so long to upload I'm keeping it just this way. I will go kid by kid to update you on all of their activities. Emily had her 10th birthday on October 18th. Now that is just crazy. She asks me every year if she can smash her face into her cake like when she was one. This year I found a store that does the free little first birthday cakes and let her have at it. She was thrilled.
She has been begging me for this dollhouse for a while. I finally got it for her. She was thrilled again. She has a new friend that she plays with, Emma. It is so wonderful when someone will play with my little girl. I don't know where she saw this, but it had to be exactly right. This was her birthday breakfast.

Her daddy started a tradition for her on her birthdays. He would always buy her pink carnations. She never lets me forget to get them for her. This year she asked Dennis to buy them. That was huge, but she was still mean to him. I know she's afraid to be nice as to not betray her daddy, but maybe her asking him is a small break through.
We have a very quaint pumpkin patch just down the street from our house. Like we can see it from our front yard. We love to go there and buy our pumpkins from the sweet family that sells them from their harvest. Emily likes to name them and never cut them. She never wants to "hurt" them. This is Lumpy, Bumpy and Crumpy.
Football season has started and that means dressing up and celebrating every game. Thank goodness for DVR and Direct tv. Now we never miss any games.
Emily has been doing some fun activities. She is doing gymnastics, which I don't know where any pictures are, but I'll get some. She loves it and is improving all the time. She also found a new love of cheer leading. She did a clinic for a fundraiser and wanted to keep going. For the first time since she was very little, she completed the whole season. It was very low key and no one had to be perfect so she did well without feeling pressure to do things a certain way. What a great experience. It has even made her decide to try basketball in a couple months. I decided to coach her team to give her the extra support she will need. Chris will be my assistant! So fun for us to all be together.

Joseph has been busy as usual. This is him smashing a car at a carnival. He goes to at least one birthday party a week. He is the most social kid I know. When not doing sports or Scouts he is off and running with any one of his hundreds of friends.
Joseph is also the new president of his school. He gets to go on a field trip to BYU this week for a student council type convention. It is so fun for him.
Joseph loves watching the football games so much. He dresses up too and takes pride in being like his daddy.
Joseph had a great football season. He did so well. Nothing gets him fired up like hitting hard and making great tackles. No Packer game is as exciting as watching my Joseph play!
Joseph decided to double up this year. He played soccer during football. Talk about crazy and busy. He did very well and got to play with a couple of great friends.
Now we move on to Christopher. What a wild ride this kid has had. He went to homecoming with this very cute girl.
In much more exciting news, he was the homecoming king. I was so happy for him. What an exciting night.
This is Chris and his "friend" Shayli. She is the reason Emily decided to do cheer. Shayli is so kind and wonderful to our family. I know Chris adores her and she him, but they want to make sure not to get serious. They went to homecoming with other people so they can go to prom together. They keep it on a friendship level. What smart kids!
This is Christopher in the hospital after a very serious concussion from a hard hit in a football game. It was very scary. He was seriously affected and ultimately decided not to play anymore. A hard, but wise choice. He still has headaches and residual affects. He is trying to gear up for basketball now and hopefully coach Joseph's team next year.

Chris made it on the fashion team this year. It has been so fun and really funny, watching him do his performances. What a ham!
Since he won "Battle of the Bands" last year the principal asked his band to play the Star Spangled Banner for Sophomore day. It was rockin' To see this or any other of his performances just go to you tube and type in "Spunky Motors". Also go to any of my videos mindyigerox on you tube to see all my kid's videos.
So now you know what we are doing some of the time. I will try to keep up more often because who wants to read a huge post like this? Whew! Happy day!