Saturday, November 22, 2008

Treadmill Treat

Today I was able to get a new treadmill to replace the one I had for years that broke. I have been driving to the gym almost everyday just to do the treadmill. I am so excited. It has a cool feature that lets you buy cards that look like camera cards. They are called iFit. They adjust the incline and speed on your treadmill while speaking to you like a trainer. They are for 8 weeks of gradual progression. They have all kinds and today I found out that they have a Jillian Michaels one that you will hear her voice as your trainer. How cool is that. I am saving up for that one. I loved my old treasmill, but this one is updated and even has a place to plug in your iPod. I am in heaven. Thanks to my super nice husband for being so generous and kind. Thanks also to Reggie, (my soon-to-be-step-dad) for putting it together.

Monday, November 17, 2008

SOTW and How to Be a Video Game Pro

So she finally did it!! Student of the week. I am so excited! She is very proud of herself and tried really hard to deserve it. Her teacher says that she is kind and helpful and a very sweet girl, (most of the time)! She was expecting her cake since I got Joseph one and ate it as soon as she got home from school. On another note, Emily has been very into her game boy or game girl as she calls it. I heard her yesterday training Joseph on how to get to really high levels on games. She told him that he needed to eat some good food for energy. They both went and got orange juice and various other snacks. She then proceeded to tell him that before he starts playing he needs to do some warm-up exercises. They both began doing jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups, etc. They then would sit on the couch and play for a while before starting the process all over. It was hillarious. especially Joseph. He took all of her instructions very seriously. So, in case you were unaware. Eat a healthy snack and do some cardio and you should win the video game olympics. My kids are so weird!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Opinions Please!

I have the opportunity to get some colored contacts for fun. These are my two final color selections. I need to know which one do you like better??? I think I know which one, but a couple of opinions couldn't hurt! Thanks for your help!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Christmas Shopping Woes

So, my two big kids (Christine and Andrew) asked me for the "Guitar Hero World Tour Band Kit" for their Wii for Christmas. I got them the Wii last year and am so glad they love it and use it. Of course, I want to get this for them. I always want to get people something they want. I want my gift to be their most favorite. I know I have issues, but it does make people happy. I have been calling around, checking online and searching every store for this special item. They are sold out EVERYWHERE!! I have spent several hours already looking and I see many more hours focused on this mission in the future. A little while ago I got ahold of this game store in the mall. They said that they had one left, but couldn't hold it. I asked to purchase it over the phone with my credit card, but the lady said she couldn't. I jumped in the car so excited. I drove quickly and ran to the store. When I got there I asked the lady and she said, "I'm sorry we don't have any." I said, "You've got to be kidding me! When did you sell it?" She told me that she just sold it about three minutes before. I normally would have been disappointed, but understanding,but not this time. I totally feel in my gut like she was lying! I just know it. I was almost in tears and wanted to shout, "LIAR!!" at her. I truly think by the look on her face that her and the other employee just thought it would be funny to make someone rush for nothing. I honestly do. Maybe I'm crazy, but I really think they were just messing with me. Everyone has been sold out so it was a miracle they had one, but I think they lied. How mean!! I really feel sad now, but my quest for the favoritest present for my big kids continues. Do our kids ever realize how much we do to make them happy? Maybe when they have kids! I wish you all better luck than mine on finding that perfect gift for your loved ones and thanks for listening to me vent!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fun Filled Field Trip

Today I went on a field trip with Emily and her class. This is the boy, Taig, that she has a not so secret crush on.
We went to the Provo Tabernacle to hear the "Utah Valley Orchestra". I thought it was wonderful, but Emily fell asleep.

We then stopped at a park for a fun picnic. After our picnic we were off to the Bean Museum. It has hundreds of preserved dead animals. Emily told me that those were the cutest dead things she had ever seen.

Emily snuck her arm around Taig in this picutre. He doesn't look as excited as she does.

We had a lot of fun and made some great mother/daughter memories.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Last night I took Chris and a couple of his friends to the Metallica concert. It was awesome!! I went about four years ago with my friends, but it was so much better sharing it with my son. I love that we share the same love for 80's metal bands. The pyrotechnics were amazing!! Chris had so much fun and I still think that him wanting me to hang out with him and his friends is the coolest thing ever! They wouldn't let us take pictures, but these are pretty close to what we actually saw. Another fun filled mother/son memory!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

End of Football

Football season has come to a close. The team came in third with a close game against second place. Here is a picture of Joseph running with the ball. This is Joseph running in for a touch down!

They had a fun party at the coaches house today to celebrate the end of the year. Joseph showed off his awesome billiard skills! He had fun and luckily will get his same coach again next year. Another great season of football. I might go through withdrawls. I just love watching my baby boy play!