Friday, June 29, 2012

Family Fun

 We went to Las Vegas for a few days. We stayed in a very nice timeshare about 8 miles west of the strip. I like not being in the crowds. They had a huge closet that Emily claimed as her 
"Woman Cave" 

 My sister met us and brought Christopher. My nephew, Rowdy, above.
 We were all excited to see Christopher. We hadn't seen him since spring break.

 My other nephew, Tommy with Joseph.


 Rowdy was so cute. Emily was dancing and he just watched her and danced along too!

 Joseph and Christopher playing the video games he got for his birthday.
 We did a lot of swimming. They loved playing chicken!

 Uncle Jason gave Emily a couple cool tattoos.
 Rowdy just loved wearing all of our shoes.
 Uncle Jason giving Joseph a cool tattoo too.
 Christopher & Tommy

 Uncle Jason & Joseph

 My sister and her family.
 My beautiful babies!

 We went to our favorite M&M store.

 At the Coca Cola store the kids got the around the world tray. It is different sodas from all around the world. Some of them were very gross.

 We had lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Emily named her M&M Frank.
 My sister, Tommy and my kids.

 My brother and his family were on their way up to Utah and just happened to be at the same hotel we were having lunch at. This is my brother with his baby, Carter and my nephew, Tommy.
 Uncle Jason & Rowdy
 Tommy & Carter

 All of the cousins together for the first time!
 My sister & Carter

 My brother & Rowdy
 The cousins and uncles.
We all like the show "Pawn Stars" so we visited the store from the show. 

 My step-son, Andrew, moved to Vegas a few months ago. Christopher and I went to visit his new place and took him out to Korean BBQ. He got me to try a tiny piece of cow tongue. It was SICK!!!

 Joseph bought a poker set at the M&M store. The boys all had fun playing.
 We took the kids to a black light mini golf place. 
 Rowdy loved it!

 I got to spend some time alone with Christopher. We went to Fuddruckers. 


 Emily's "Poker Face"
 The next day after we got home, my brother, my SIL and Carter came over. My mom was so excited to see her grand baby.

 My brother played some poker with the kids. We also went out for a yummy lunch.
 Look at that face. He is so cute!!!
 We went to the park and Carter went on his first swing. 
My brother with Carter.
I was so grateful to spend time with my family. It was just way too short. I miss them and love them all so much!!!