Monday, March 31, 2008


It snowed this weekend. I love the snow so I was quite pleased with this surprise. Look how beautiful it looks. This is a picture of Mt. Timpanogos.I am standing in my front doorway. It is wonderful to open your front door and greet the day with such a beautiful view!

Crazy Hair Day

So, today is "crazy hair day" at school. I told Emily that it wasn't look like a crazy person day, but I guess her personality matches her hair. Joseph totally looks like the Hulk!

After I dressed Emily I realized that she looks good with this hair style. She definitely thought so. She said that she looked popular and wants to wear her hair like that every day. It suits her!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Cartwheel lessons have sure paid off!!

Chris' Car

Cristopher has been begging me to put these pictures online. My step-son has an awesome car. It is a Lotus Esprit (I think) My kids think it is so cool and wanted me to take their picture in it (especially Chris). So here they are. Chis wants me to tell you it's his car. So, look at Christopher's cool car!!!
Every time I tied to take a picture of Emily in the car she struck this gangsta pose.

Joseph wanted a little driving time too!

Wow, look at Chris in his cool car!!

Okay, now this is his real car. He is the best errand runner that ever lived! He even took the little kids to the dentist for me today! Everyone should have one of these at home!!!

What happened to my baby boy?? They grow up way too fast!!

Monday, March 24, 2008


Check out our family rock video below!!

We had such a fun time doing karaeoke tonight. It was full of laughs and some pretty awful singing (by me).

Happy Easter

I had the most wonderful Easter with my family. All six kids went on an egg hunt. We had an awesome ham dinner (if I do say so myself). We played games, did karaeoke, and enjoyed each other's company. Dennis was so happy. He told me how good it felt to have all of our kids together. He wishes it was like that always. I have to say that I agree. My step-kids are such a blessing. I love hanging out with them. I love them so much. I am so lucky to have six beautiful children to love and share my life with. Today was perfect, peaceful and happy.





We let Annabelle open her basket first. She was so excited. She loved her bunny and food products the best. She looked so cute opening and playing with her stuff.

Cub Scouts

Joseph received his "Bear" in Cub Scouts. That means he is ready to advance to the Webloes. He also earned 5 new belt loops. This is a picture of a few projects he made in earning certain belt loops. He earned his Heritage, Weather, Computer, Bicycling and Astronomy belt loops. He also earned his Basketball pin. He will for sure be my Eagle Scout!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Best Friend

I had no idea I could do this with my camera. I will be posting a lot more of these. This song was written and performed by Miss Emily Barker

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Homemade Toys

So, this is the present that Emily made for her best friend, Samantha for her birthday. She says that it is a girl and a boy doll that come with accesories. Let me tell you what each one is and you see if you can match them up. Hose, scissors, soccer ball, sit-and-bounce, teddy bear, baseball, and a hat. She makes all of her creations out of paper. She doesn't get help from anyone. She has made some incredible things like, gloves that you could really put your hands in, an apron (kinda hard to wear), hats, dolls books, an ATM card, etc. If she doesn't have something she makes it with paper. The sad part is she started this passion when she made her "Imaginary Friends" her words. She has hundreds in a lunch box and has named them all. Since she started hanging out with Samantha, production on those has come to a stand still. Now she has a real friend, YEAH! Oh, and in case you're wondering why the interesting combo of accesories for these dolls, I have no idea. I'm sure she has a reason that is perfectly logical. She always does.

Movie Star

Emily loves to wear sunglasses and this fur jacket to church. She says (and acts) like she's a movie star. She asks people if they want her autograph and tells people to do things for her in a movie star (snotty) voice.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Goodbye #4

I was greatly saddened to learn of the retirement of all time (in my opinion) quarterback great, Brett Favre. I guess shedding a few tears over this means I'm a die hard fan. He will be greatly missed by me and my family and all who love football!! I feel so fortunate to have been able to watch him play live at Lambeau Field with the biggest fan there ever was and taught me the love of the game through Favre. Goodbye #4 We love you. Thanks for the memories.
#12 Quatrerback, Aaron Rodgers, will step in and try to fill those big shoes. We support you Rodgers. Go Pack Go!!!
I know this means nothing to most of you, but some of my fondest memories include Brett Favre and someone I loved very much!
p.s. I just told the kids the news. Emily seems to be taking it hard. She is running around shouting about the injustice of it all. She told me that she is going to go to that retirement home and tell Brett that he's not old and the new guy will probably suck! Hopefully she will recover from her anger by September so we can all root for the new guy. If not she will be yelling at the t.v. telling the new guy what a loser he is and how Brett was so much better. Believe me that is exactly what will happen. I have raised such a little lady!! Right!