Sunday, November 14, 2010

Young Women In Excellence

I just LOVE working with the young women of my ward. I adore them. They are what has brought me joy and peace throughout my grieving process. We had our Young Woman In Excellence last week and it was AMAZING. Each girl got to speak on a way Christ has shown comfort in her life. The Spirit was so strong and beautiful. We made each one of them a blanket to remind them how Christ will comfort them. We picked out the material for each girl and tried to match them to their personality. Just shopping for the material was a great experience. We also did a table display with a section of your personal history and an item that represents you. I put out my scrapbook from Dennis and my honeymoon and a book about my Sarah. Oh we also had to put a picture of ourselves. I put a big one that I had used a program called picnik on it. I erased my wrinkles and used the "thinnerizer" to make myself look way better than I actually do. It was fun and I really was just being silly with that big picture. My display looked like something from a movie where the movie stars sit and get ready in their dressing rooms. Ha, I really don't think I look like a movie star. Just the set-up. I actually bought these flowers for a dear friend who just had a stroke. She moved to ICU and couldn't keep them so I used them to represent how much I love to bring flowers or something to someone to brighten up their day. I will need to bring my friend new ones now because she is out of ICU thank goodness. I hope she can make a good recovery. Strokes are so awful. It is heartbreaking. Below are two of my girls with their blankets. I am so grateful for this calling and for these amazing girls.