Sunday, March 25, 2012

Family Update

Emily has had the greatest school year this year. She is doing her homework right away and did a wonderful job on her science fair project displayed above. She has gotten along better with her peers and has stayed out of trouble. So, when I got a call from the principal I was quite surprised. It was a day she asked to stay home because she was afraid of some kids she said were being mean to her. I made her go. I guess one of those kids was in Emily's face calling her horrible names. So, Emily pushed her. The girl then pulled her hair. Then they were both sent to the office and were both suspended. I get why, but feel it was so unfair to Emily who felt cornered. I didn't get mad at her. She was so upset. She felt like her great year she worked so hard on was tarnished. I brought her to the principal for a chat so she could express her feelings. The principal knows Emily well and he listened and was very positive with her. She decided to go back to school after that talk. Before that she was refusing. Emily struggles in so many areas in her life. I try to advocate for her, but it is not easy when her behavior can be undesirable. Half the time she is a teenager and the other half a very little girl. We just finished 7th grade registration and I am terrified of what next year holds for her. I love my little girl who makes me laugh more than anyone and makes me more frustrated than anyone. I wish more people understood her. Let me tell you, there is no one in the world like my daughter. She is unique and I adore her!!!

Joseph is my independent boy. He is always on the go. He has a million friends and people just like him. He has just loved being in student council this year so he ran again for next year. I was so nervous for him because he wanted it so badly. He also tried out for Footnotes, an advanced choir too. He was going to find out on the same day so I got him a cake for no matter what the outcome. Even if he lost the cake would be accurate. Well, guess what? He made it into Footnotes and on student council. He and I were thrilled. I was so happy he made it and isn't afraid to go for it in life. He is turning more teenagerish. He isn't as helpful at home and is in his own world. I guess that isn't really too bad for a teen, right? He is going to EFY this summer and I think he will love it. I love my sweet boy who also does service every week. He really is a good boy. I am so proud of him.

 Canyon View had a 7th grade assembly day where all the 6th grade classes came. Being in student council, Joseph was in the assembly so my mom and I went to watch and Emily came and sat with us. Joseph brought my pink suitcase and was zipped in and popped out to display inappropriate clothing. He also danced......
 ......and then turned out the lights and they did a glow stick dance. The whole assembly was so fun. At times Emily was laughing super hard. It was so fun to sit with her and see her reactions and see Joseph perform.
Christopher has had some adventures lately. He went out to Alabama to work. He was selling ADT alarm systems. He was very excited because a friend of his made a ton of money doing this. It was Christopher's first time on his own and of course I worried. I knew it was the best thing for him, but still, I worried. He learned quite a bit about racism and how segregated people are in some places still today. He was very shook up about the hatred and things he was told. He just couldn't believe how sad these small minded people are. How they view murder of a certain race as no big deal. He called me so many times with these stories. I was scared for him being in that environment. There were even shootings that the residents just viewed as a normal no big deal happening. Also, tornado's heading his way. Needless to say, I wanted him home. I never let him know because I wanted to support his efforts. Then the next problem, sales. Christopher got into lots of homes, but most couldn't pass the credit. He got frustrated, but I encouraged him to keep praying and keep going. It got to the point where sales were not enough to sustain him and he decided to come home. My heart sank because this boy just can't handle another "failure". I have tried so hard to convince him that the only failure is when you don't try. He seems positive, but I won't know until he actually gets home. He flew to his dad's in California for a couple weeks until I pick him up on spring break. I can't wait to see him. He really has struggled since every single one of his friends went out on a mission. It has been heartbreaking to watch him struggle. At his last friends setting apart I started crying my eyes out. Not because I would miss this boy, but because I hurt for my son who was going to be left behind the tears flowed. I had to leave I couldn't stop crying. With all these missionaries leaving, there is a lot of talk about the great mothers behind these missionary boys. It has left me feeling like a loser mom. I know that is my issue, but every time I hear it, I feel the twist of the knife. There was one kind man that pulled Christopher aside at this setting apart and let him know that he doesn't have to be a missionary to become a great man and there are many ways he can still be a missionary. That meant so much to me. Christopher needed that. This same great man bore his testimony today about two of his sons. One is on a mission and one didn't go. He talked about how the son that didn't go on a mission was going to be just fine and was just as wonderful of a person as the son on the mission. I so needed to hear that today. It did my heart good to know that not everyone is looking down on me or my son. It is so hard to live here in Orem and not have your children judged on a checklist that makes them "a good person". I have one perfect child and she lives in heaven. Joseph may meet most of those check marks, but my other two will never conform to those types of expectations. They are no less because of it. I think some people forget that Heavenly Father loves us all the same. No one is better than anyone. Especially me. I have a lot of growing to do. I love my oldest son more than I can say. He has been with me since I was 17 years old and we have grown up together. I can't wait to get him home so he can set off for his next adventure. I am his biggest fan!

I am setting off on my own new adventure. I am starting school next week. I am excited and nervous. Dennis really doesn't want me to go, but I feel very strongly that this is the time. He is coming around and has agreed to go to my orientation with me this week. I am going in to the paralegal certification program at Broadview University. A small private career college. I also need to start another adventure called getting healthy. This one is much harder for me, but I am going to keep going and not give up. I know I can do it, bit have this block and I need to break through it. It will be a seriously hard struggle, but I am going to do it. Wish me luck. 

Dennis & Kids
Dennis  is doing well. He is having a hard time still finding full time work. He does work two part time jobs. One at the jail and one at the Provo Temple. He really loves the Temple so I am glad he gets to work there. He is patient and kind and he puts up with me and my crazy crew. Dennis' kids are doing pretty good as well. Andrew has bought a home in Las Vegas and will be moving this month. We will miss him. Christine is busy at school and heading towards medical school. Stephanie is going to school as well. My mom just got the perfect job and is doing well. Annabelle is getting old and slow, but will still bark at the strangers oh okay and everyone she knows. She is our lazy guard dog. Sarah is still in heaven and I miss her daily. She is the best part of our family. Now you know what is going on with my family. Good and bad and everywhere in between. I love them all dearly!