Sunday, March 6, 2011

Family Fun

This past week our family used our time share in Las Vegas. It was just going to be me and the little kids, but things changed throughout the week. The first few days with Emily and Joseph was a lot of fun. We walked on the strip.
Visiting all of our favorite stores, like the Coca Cola store.....

....and the M&M store. They watched the 3D movie ......
......and shopped and hung out with characters.

We ate lunch at the Rain Forest Cafe and looked at the lions.
We went shopping at the outlet malls and Emily got a really nice new hair straightener. I got a new dress. Joseph got a hat. It was fun.
I spent a lot of time making this 1000 piece puzzle. I LOVE puzzles. They also swam a lot.

Dennis then decided that he wanted to join us. A happy surprise for me. He took a bus and we picked him up. The next morning Christopher flew in from his dad's. He had been there for a couple months so we were all excited to see him.
We decided to surprise the kids and we took them to the Blue Man Group. They all loved it!

I hate pictures of me. I think they are hideous. I thought since this is our family journal that I should appear at times. Friday was a fun day.....for me. Since I hadn't seen Christopher for so long we went out on a mall date. I got my haircut and we both got our teeth whitened. It really didn't work that great. I helped him pick out a new cowboy hat and enjoyed our time greatly. Back at the condo however is a different story. Emily was yelling at some lady at the pool who made a rude comment to her. It's like rattling a lion's cage. Dennis finally got her upstairs and to sleep. Whew, she can really test your patience. That night Christopher watched the kids while Dennis took me on a date. He took me to the Paris hotel and we went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The view was gorgeous and we even got to watch the Bellagio water show from above. So great. We then went to the fanciest restaurant ever. It was a french steakhouse. The prices were so high. I think Dennis almost had a heart attack. To get a side dish you had to pay $7 more so we just ordered our steak. It was the most delicious meal ever. Well, not really a whole meal, but yummiest steak ever. It was romantic. I do not have too many romantic times with Dennis so I wanted to remember it. He bought me an Eiffel Tower ornament to remember this most special night.
Joseph enjoyed having his brother stay with him and play games and hang out. He had missed him too.
Saturday was our last day and our real reason for going on vacation. Someone special in our "family" was having his birthday party at Calico Ghost Town. We planned it way in advanced because Joseph and him get along so good. On the way we stopped at our favorite Alien Jerky store. Their Jerky is the best in the world!
One of my favorite girls in the world was there. She ran and hugged me. I just love her so much.

The party was amazing. They got to do so many things. They got to take an old fashioned picture.

Christopher got to hang out with the adults.
A great place for them.
They got to do leather stamping.

Chris arrested Dennis.
We ate lunch in a cool restaurant. The kids played Go Fish.
We got to take the mine tour.

This is Joseph and his "cousin". These two boys adore each other and getting to do this party was so awesome. It was great. They got to pan for gold, go through the mystery shop, get free rocks at the rock shop and so much more. The best part was the company. A wonderful day with people I love so much. It was way too short of a visit though. I guess we will make up for it on our cruise next month. The drive back to Vegas seemed long, but we went swimming one more time when we got back and left the next morning for home. I am glad to have us all home and all together. It was a long week and I cherish the memories.