Saturday, June 11, 2011

Joseph and Cole's Week In Vegas

When I booked my cruise through my timeshare I got a couple free trips. One of them was a free condo for a week in Vegas. I decided to take Joseph and his best friend, Cole for the week for their birthdays. My friend, Stephanie met us there for her birthday for a couple of the days. For the most part it was just me and the boys.

 The first night I surprised everyone with Criss Angel tickets. They boys were so excited! It was a pretty cool show!

  We went to the pearl shop. Stephanie, Joseph, and Sarah all have pearls as their birthstones. Stephanie collects pearls. Joseph decided he wanted to pick one out for Sarah because it was her birthday the next day. He carefully chose and out came a big beautiful silver pearl. The silver means "love". I teared up a little. Joseph wanted me to wear it and we found a beautiful setting that is the mother and child setting and also infinity. It is just beautiful, but the meaning is priceless. I just love it. Cole picked one out for Sarah too. It was another big one, but a pretty creamy color. It was fun to ring the bell and shout "ALOHA!!"

This is my pendant, but with a silver pearl.
The boys played arcade games at Excalibur in the "Fun Dungeon". They didn't like spending their money on games so they didn't stay long.

 We headed to the Venetian to go to the Madame Tussauds wax museum.

 The wax museum was so much fun. They let you touch and pose with the figures. They even have props for fun. Here are some of my favorites. We took a million pictures. The boys with the Rock.
 Stephanie with Ben Affleck
 Me and a couple James Bonds. I live with the other one.

 Tim McGraw

 Criss Angel
 Abraham Lincoln was scared of me.
 Elvis on the top or bottom? You make the call.
 We went to the Nathan Burton comedy magic show. It was fun. A juggling comedian did a small segment to promote his show. The boys loved him so much that they wanted to go to his show.
 His show was at Planet Hollywood restaurant. We got a show and dinner voucher.

 His name is Jeff Civillico and he was fantastic. He is not only an amazing juggler, but he was laugh out loud, pee your pants, funny. We had the best time. We had to go to the Houdini magic shop after these shows. Joseph got some juggling balls to learn on and a couple of pretty awesome magic tricks that he does very well.

 One of the things the boys looked forward to was a water massage. They enjoyed it very much.

We hit some fun stores, including the ever popular M&M store.
I also took them to see The Tournament of Kings. They were excited to eat with their hands and cheer on the dragon. It was a fun show.

We also went to the Adventuredome at Circus Circus. I got them wristbands so they could go on all the rides.

They really wanted to do this bungee jumping thing.

I think they really enjoyed the 4-D rides.

When we were not out they didn't wear shirts. They toasted to a fun time.

When in the room this is what you saw. Joseph and Cole watching TV in bed. They did that a lot!

When outside they were swimming.
It was also Sarah's birthday while we were gone. My friend sent these beautiful flowers, chocolates and a cute bear for her. Another friend gave me a nice angel figure. I got cards, a music box, etc. Thank you so much to all of my sweet friends for thinking of me and Sarah on a most wonderful, yet painful day. We had a little party for her in our condo.

Last, but not least, Emily won the Principal's award for most improved this year. It was a very rough year for her. I am so glad her growth was recognized. Way to go Emily!!!

I hope the boys had a blast. I can't believe these boys will be thirteen in the next few weeks. Happy Birthday Joseph and Cole!!! I love you both!!!