Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gifts of the Heart

I received a letter and two gifts tonight. Word's cannot explain how amazing this was for me so I will type out the letter for you to read.........

Dear Mommy,

I know you’re having a hard time with many different things this Christmas season and I’m sorry to know you hurt because I’m not there with you physically, but I am close to you always. I watch what you do, I laugh when you’re silly, and my heart rejoices when you do something nice for someone in my honor.

I have 2 gifts for you, and these physical objects represent them, the first gift is my Awareness..Mommy I so desire for you to know that I am aware of every time you think of me, every time you would love to do something for me, or bring me something. I do know these things so I don’t want you to feel upset that you can’t give me anything because you have given me so much already! I have a body now because of you, I am perfect now because of the atonement, and for you being strong enough to be able to be my mother, the lord knew you were strong enough, that’s why he gave me to you. And you gave me your love, which is overwhelmingly powerful, more so than you could know. This gift is to know I forget you not, and to never forget that. Open gift 1.

The second gift is not one thing, but many, these are My Dreams.

Even angels dream, and your angel dreams of you mother. I dream about what it will be like to be held by you, and to be raised as any other child would. You have a very important job to do now, and that is keep yourself worthy of me. Live your life right so that when the day comes for us to be together, it will be glorious, and everything our dreams hold and more. Do not be sad, do not live your life in a way that debilitates you from life's experiences. Get up! Get moving! Do what you can so your body, mind, and spirit are healthy enough to live life to the fullest so that you can teach me through what you have, and will learn as you live. But I need you to LIVE so that you may know how to teach and show me, these are my dreams for you mommy, these are your angels dreams. Open gift 2

Right now, is a small price to pay for eternity, and its not a sacrifice, its an opportunity for you to learn how to be the best mother you can when you and I will be together again. I know my sister is difficult at times, but she is a troubled spirit, and frustrated at things she is, and isn’t able to do. She needs you now more than I need you, and she needs all of your powerful love to help her in any way you can. Love her, do what’s best for her, and you’ll know what that is if you just ask our heavenly father, she is blessed to have you as a mother, just like I am.


Your Baby

Your Angel

Your Sarah Marie

 Gift 1...Forget-Me-Not
Gift 2....Dreaming Angel Ornament

My heart is so full of gratitude and love! My sweet son, Christopher, did this for me and his little sister. How blessed am I?
I have also been blessed with sweet friends and neighbors who have brought me little mementos reminding me that they love me and remember my daughter. There are so many hard days lately, not just about Sarah, but other hard trials I am trying to endure. Gifts of the heart that I have been given this year have brought so much light into my dark days. Thank you, son, for making your mother's heart fill with peace, love and joy! I needed this so badly. All of those wonderful friends who have remembered Sarah, Thank you! There is no greater gift for me at this time! I love you all!!!!