Wednesday, January 11, 2012

December 2011

 December was a lot of fun!!! Emily had her clogging performance. She did so good! When her music started she just shined. A true performer.
 One of our favorite families came to support Emily. We just love them!
 Emily & Dennis
 My mom & Annabelle
Since we were going out of town for Christmas we did a little celebration at home before we left.
 Since Emily loves manatees so much, we adopted one for her. Her name is Ariel and Emily loves her. She lives off the coast of Florida.
 Dennis loves the temple and every year we get him a calendar.
 I am so proud of Joseph this year. He worked and earned money on his own and bought each person in our family and his friends presents all on his own. He bought me some nice perfume and a beautiful necklace. He loved doing this and felt so good doing everything on his own. What a lucky mom I am!!!
 Andrew, Stephanie, Christine and their dog Ippo
These are my big kids! I didn't get to spend Christmas with them because we were out of town, but Dennis sent me this picture of them since he didn't come with us either. I love these kids and feel so blessed to be in their lives!
Joseph & Emily
 The beach in Huntington was just beautiful. The weather was perfect!
Tommy & Joseph
 I went with my friend Jamie one time just her and I and one time we took our kids. I took my nephew, Tommy with us too!
 Joseph & Charles
Joseph just loves my friend's son, Charles. They are best buds and had a couple sleepovers.
Emily & Logan
 I got to spend some time with one of my best friends, Stephanie. She has been there for all the hardest, darkest days of my life and I love her so much. We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. We went with her two kids, Logan and Megan!

Megan, Logan & Emily
 Christopher & Carter
 Emily & Carter
 Joseph & Carter
 This is my brother and his new baby, Carter Taft Moore. He was only a couple weeks old when we got to see him. My brother and his wife have been married for 14 years and have struggled with fertility that whole time. Carter is a little miracle. He is so cute. I am so happy for my brother and SIL. They will be wonderful parents. I am excited to watch my brother be a dad. He will be the best dad ever. We are all in love with that sweet little baby!
Tommy, Emily, Grandma, Joseph
I took my nephew and my kids to visit my grandma. She is my dad's mom. Before I moved we went out to lunch every week to Ruby's. So we all headed there to "our" place. I love my grandma and miss her.
Christopher, Joseph, Papa, Grandma, Emily, Tami (Josh's Aunt who we also adore!)
We also went to visit Josh's grandparents. They are wonderful people and we love them. I felt so happy to be in their home with them. Josh and I used to live two doors down from them for a while. I didn't realize how much I missed them and also how much closer they make me feel to Josh. Papa found a fishing pole in the garage he had bought for Josh when he was little and it even had Josh's name on it. He put a bow on it and gave it to Joseph. Joseph was so excited to get this fishing pole that was his dad's. I teared up. It was perfect for Joseph and how he has been feeling this year. What a blessing. I just love Josh's family.
Landen and Kendry are Christopher's little brother's. Joseph and Emily also consider them brother's. Christopher's step-mom is a kind and wonderful person. She wants all the kids to grow up as siblings. I love it and we all love those little boys. Joseph and Emily stayed with them for a few days. They love to stay there. Jessica, (Chris' step-mom) takes such good, loving care of my kids. The boys call Emily Sissy and she LOVES that.
 My bestie, Jamie made the most wonderful Christmas eve dinner for us. She set the table so fancy and nice. The food was AMAZING!!!! They really outdid themselves. The dinner was lovely. I also got to spend some fun time with Jamie without kids. We had a beautiful day at the beach and walked over to Harbor House for a delicious lunch. We also had a dinner and a movie date. We love this family and consider them our family.
 Emily, Maryn, Joseph, and Charles
Jamie made her delicious, famous, gingerbread cookies for the kids to decorate. I wanted to stay later, but Emily was wiped and Keeping her rested is a vital part of keeping her sane. She only had a few little meltdowns, but over the course of the trip she did very well!
Now this is my nephew, Rowdy! He is so stinkn' cute. He will be one in a couple weeks. He is my sister's little boy. Her older son is Tommy!

We went to Knott's Berry Farm on Christmas Eve with my sister and her family. The lines were pretty short and my kids LOVE the big roller coasters. We saw Snoopy on Ice and ate lunch at their yummy chicken restaurant! We had a relaxing and fun day!

 My sister with Rowdy
 Emily, Tommy, Joseph, and Rowdy
On Christmas we went to my sister's house. Santa brought Emily the Barbie camper and a lot of other Barbie stuff.

 Joseph was thrilled with Santa. He got an ipad 2. Santa must be crazy!
Santa visited Christopher early. He got an iphone for both Christmas and his 20th birthday. That also happened this month. I took him out for a date night and we had a good time.
Rowdy just loved what Santa got him!

Tommy got an ipod touch. All three big boys looked so funny sitting on the couch together, each staring at their screens. My sister and her husband made a delicious breakfast and dinner. My mom was there with us too. We had a very nice day.
 My sister is a hair stylist. She has her own chair at a fancy salon in downtown Huntington Beach. She took my mom, Emily and me to the salon when it was closed and did all of our hair. It was so fun getting our hair done. She does an excellent job and our hair looks wonderful!
Emily & Brandy (my sister)
I just love being an aunt. My sister let my nephew, Tommy come to our hotel for a couple sleepovers. He had never slept away from home before. We went swimming, the beach, miniature golf, go karts and a picnic at the park. It was so much fun!!! I miss him so much. I love all of these people so much. It is so hard to divide my time between them all. Even 10 days wasn't enough to get my fix! It was a great trip!