Sunday, April 29, 2012

Spring Break 2012

I know this is picture overload, but these pictures are of some of my most favorite people in the world! I love them all so much! We started off very early on our road trip. It was me, Emily, Joseph, and his friend, J.T. We headed to San Diego. We stayed at a timeshare. These timeshares are so great.

 My sister and her family met us there. This is my nephew, Rowdy. He is so cute. I just adore him. He was in such a great mood and I just loved playing with him.

 This is my other nephew, Tommy. He is the sweetest boy. He gave me the best hug when I saw him. I just love that boy! He gives Emily a run for her money. He is so funny.

 The next day we headed over to Balboa Park. 
 The kids loved the merry-go-round and my BIL got them going pretty fast.

 Rowdy just loved playing in the dirt with a stick. He was so happy just running around.
 This is my BIL and sister. Isn't she pretty? I am so grateful to have her in my life. 
 For dinner we went to our favorite diner, Ruby's. 
 It was Easter so we also decorated some eggs.
 I played with this little guy while they did the eggs. Oh Rowdy, you are so cute.
 We finished our Easter with a night swim at the pool.
 The next morning, we headed to Sea World. I just love Sea World. 

 We got meal bracelets and the we could eat free all day long at any restaurant. We all went crazy. The kids even brought trays of ribs to the shows. 

 I love being an aunt and never see my nephews without a treat in hand. I got Tommy a coupon to get a souvenir at Sea World. He picked a build-a-bear type alligator. He named him Sparky.  

 Emily had a HUGE disappointment. Emily loves the manatee rescue and looked so forward to it. She also wanted a manatee stuffed animal. Apparently, the manatee rescue had been moved back to Florida and because they are endangered will not be back any time soon. She started to cry. They also don't sell any manatee items anymore. Her heart was broken. So, I took her to get a build-a-bear type animal too. It cheered her up.
 One of my favorite parts was watching Rowdy run around the toddler area. He is a little flirt trying to get everyone's attention. Did I mention how cute he is?

 Being silly!

 Ice cave.

 The next day was beach day. It was such a beautiful day at Ocean Beach.
 Rowdy loved the sand.
 My BIL played catch with Joseph, he loved having someone to throw with.

 Jason & Tommy
 Jason & Rowdy
 My sister & I

 My kids love their Uncle Jason. He is so good with them. He plays with them and takes them places and jokes with them. We are so lucky to have him in our family. They also love their Aunt Brandy, she is so good with Emily.
They had to leave that night. We went out to dinner again to Ruby's and then said our goodbyes.

 It was our first little vacation together. It was so much fun. I loved every minute of it. I was so sad to see them go. We get to do a tiny Vegas trip in June, so not too long. I love you Brandy, Jason, Tommy & Rowdy!!!!

 The next morning, my friend Jamie and her kids came down to see us. We headed to the Mormon Battalion.

 They have changed it since I had last been here. It was such a great tour and you could feel the Spirit. Our sister missionary guide was wonderful.

 We then went to the San Diego Temple. It is gorgeous! You can see the kids down at the bottom. It takes my breath away. This is my friend, Jamie and me! It was so much fun with her. She makes me laugh harder than anyone. I sure love her.

 They went swimming when we got back.
 The next day we went to Coronado Island. The beach there was beautiful!

 My beautiful friend, Jamie!
 The seagulls tried to get our food. The boys thought it was funny and tried to put food on each other so the birds would go to them. It was funny. Those birds will take food right out of your hand.
 That night we went to Benihana's. 
 It was so much fun and so delicious!!! Such a fun night!
The next morning they left and we headed to the San Diego Zoo.

 We met a lot of people at the zoo. First, Christopher (he is staying at his dad's until about August) his dad, step-mom, and two brothers met us. Joseph has Christopher's brother, Landen on his shoulders. Christopher's dad and little brother, Kendry are in the background.

 Joseph and Emily consider Christopher's brothers their brother. They call Emily Sissy and she LOVES it. Especially Kendry, she adores him.

 This was the first time I got to see Christopher since February. It was so good to be with him. Next, my friend, Stephanie met us with her daughter, Megan (Chris and her have been friends since they were 3) and her 4 year old Logan. Logan and Landen had a great time playing together.

 So, this is about the time my camera died. At least we got a picture of the giraffes, Emily loves them.

My last picture I got to take before not only my camera died, but before the torrential downpour of rain. I had to throw my camera out it was not fixable. My baby boy sure looks handsome though. It was raining so hard we had to run to our cars and we were soaked. We got a good 6 hours there at least. The kids all wanted to go back to Christopher's dad's house. My kids love it there. Andrew, Chris' dad is married to a wonderful woman and my kids adore her. They always want to spend the night over there. So, my friend Stephanie sent her kids home and we had a fun night. We went to my favorite restaurant in the world, Claim Jumper. It is not here in Utah so it was such a treat. We had fun just talking and being in each other's company. She has been my friend for about 20 years. I love her so much! The next morning we checked out of the timeshare and headed down to Stephanie's house. She lives 5 minutes from my brother and I was so excited to go see him and my newest nephew Carter.
 Christopher was supposed to bring Joseph and Emily down with him to come visit Carter with me, but I guess there wasn't a car available. Speaking of car trouble, I got a flat tire that was about to blow and ended up having to get four new tires. That sucked really bad. I didn't have the money for it and I hate car stuff all by myself. Oh well, it got fixed and we were safe and I guess that is all that matters.

 Because my camera broke, I couldn't get any really good pictures of my handsome nephew. So, I stole these off of my SIL's facebook page.

 This is my handsome brother with Carter.
 This is My beautiful SIL with Carter.
 Can I just tell you that Carter is the cutest baby in the world! He looks so much like my brother. I got to hold him and feed him and play with him. He is such a perfect little bundle. I was in heaven being with him when Christopher called. I guess he got a car and wanted to come down and take me out to eat. He was already on his way so, I had to leave. I didn't get enough time with my nephew. He is coming to Utah for Thanksgiving so I cannot wait for that. I just love my brother and his sweet family. I am so happy for them. Carter has just blessed their lives so much!
My phone took one good picture of my brother and Carter. 
 I met Christopher to eat and he even paid. WOW! I was so happy to have this time alone with him. The day before at the zoo was so crazy, I didn't get much time with him. I so enjoyed our conversation.  Huge highlight of my trip.
I spent the night that night with my friend Stephanie and her kids. Her little boy, Logan is a big fan of mine and that just melts my heart. We are best friends and I just adore him. He makes me smile with his bigger than life personality. We had a great dinner and watched funny movies. What a fun time. 

The next morning I had to say my goodbyes and go pick up the kids. Saying goodbye to Christopher was so hard and I cried for a good hour on the way home. I had so much fun with all of my friends and family. It is NEVER long enough, NEVER! We made it home safely. What a wonderful trip!