Monday, July 9, 2012

A Quick Trip

 Christopher really wanted to spend the 4th with his siblings. I couldn't afford another trip so Christopher sent me the money to bring his brother and sister down to California where he is spending the summer with his dad. I stayed at my friend Stephanie's house since it is the midway point to everyone. This is her son, Logan. He is my little buddy. I adore this boy!

 My Kids with Logan
 I also brought Christopher's good friend, Whitney, down with me. 
 Of course my favorite part of the trip was seeing my three nephews. Here is my cutie, Rowdy!
 Emily with my nephew, Tommy. These are their "savage" faces.

 Rowdy just loves to be with the big boys!
 Tommy & Joseph being super cool!
 Rowdy being one of the boys. I Love how much these boys love each other.

 Tommy & Joseph making some cool stuff out of glow sticks.

 Rowdy tried to make some cool stuff too!

 Emily & Tommy
These two are so funny together!
 My beautiful sister with Rowdy.
 Rowdy getting ready to watch the fireworks.
 Whitney & Christopher
 Joseph setting off some fireworks.

 I love this picture. Uncle Jason having fun with the kids!
 Christopher and Rowdy both staring at the sparklers.

 Emily trying to heat up her beef stick with a sparkler.
 My cute nephew, Tommy. I just love my nephews!
 Ariel fireworks

 The next day after the Fourth of July, I got to babysit two of my nephews. I was so excited. This is us saying  goodbye to my sister.
 I took all the kids to my grandma's house. She just loved meeting Rowdy. 

 All of us with my grandma. I love my grandma and was so glad to see her.
 Next stop, the beach!
 Christopher's dad, step-mom and brothers all met us there as well. This is Joseph with Christopher's little brother, Kendry. Joseph and Emily consider these boys to be their brothers too.
 Rowdy playing with the brothers Kendry and Landen.
 Emily loves the beach so much!
 Charles & Joseph
My friend, Jamie, and her kids were at the same beach with some of their friends. I wanted to spend time with her, but Rowdy needed my full attention and I couldn't spend time with her. Her son, Charles, and Joseph are great friends and got to spend a little time together. 
 Christopher & Whitney
 Christopher & Joseph
 Kendry & Christopher. You can see Charles and Emily off in the distance. Christopher was laying like this and it was so cute when Kendry came and lay next to his big brother.

 Later that night we went to my brother's house and got to play with my other nephew, Carter.

 They had just moved so it was nice to see their new house. They made a delicious BBQ for us and we roasted marshmallows for s'mores in their backyard.
 My brother & Carter
 Joseph, Christopher & Whitney
 Emily was really enjoying her Uncle Josh's company.
The whole trip got cut short when I found out Joseph was leaving for football camp a day earlier than I thought. We had to cancel plans and change plans so we could leave a day sooner. I missed out on spending time with one of my best friends and I was so disappointed. There was a huge BBQ at Christopher's dad's house the last night we were there. I forgot my camera, but there was tons of people and tons of fun. 
The next day we dropped Joseph off at his first high school football camp. It is at Snow College and he will be gone for a week. I tried to make him smile when I dropped him off for the picture above, but he said that you don't smile in football. Okay, good to know.
Although short and I didn't get to hang with Jamie, I had a great time with my family. It was a last minute treat from Christopher. I was most especially glad to spend time with my big boy. It has been hard having him away. Since he paid, I let him set up the things we did. He did a good job bringing his family all together. I love you Christopher and miss you like mad!!! See you in August!!!!

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Teri said...

Love all the pictures. I'm so glad you guys got to see so many family members! You deserved it!!