Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun Week

These photos are not in the right order, but they are of Christopher doing some serious white water rafting. He fell out and he said the water was freezing. 51 degrees to be exact. He LOVED it and had the time of his life!!!! He is the one on the right side in the front with the yellow life jacket.

While Christopher was busy rafting my friend Jamie was visiting and we had some of our own fun. One day we took the kids to the Scera pool and they had so much fun swimming and going on the water slides all day. We got some yummy snow cones. We saw a heart wrenching, awful movie about death that made me sob for hours. We played lots of games. We also went on a nice hike at Kiwanis park. We hiked to this beautiful waterfall. It was such a great hike! This is Dennis and I on a bridge.

Charles and Maryn on the bridge.
The waterfall.

Before you get to the waterfall there is a little pond called "Tarzan's Pool" that the kids could play in. This is Joseph climbing out of the pond.

It is almost Maryn's birthday so I made a little surprise party for her. We had cupcakes and pin the tail on the donkey. This is Maryn with my beautiful friend, Jamie. It was a lot of fun. They left today and we are all going to miss them very much.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Arrow of Light

Today Joseph received his "Arrow of Light". It is the highest award you can receive as a Cub Scout. They had us blindfold our boys and lead them up to a bridge.
They then did a special ceremony. They got different color war paint on their faces for different meanings.

The boys then got to walk over the bridge that leads from Cub Scouts to Boy Scouts.

Their new Boy Scout leaders were waiting on the other side of the bridge with their new Scout Handbooks and a "Good Turn" coin. Joseph is now officially a Boy Scout and is on his way to earning his Eagle!

4th of July

We had a special treat this year for the fourth. One of my best friends, Jamie came from California just to visit us. Joseph and her son, Charles are great friends!
Emily and Jamie's adorable daughter, Maryn in the wagon before the neighborhood parade.

This year our neighborhood had a breakfast and a parade. They also had face painting.

Christopher at the breakfast. Later we had an awesome family BBQ with homemade ice cream. Andrew, Christine, and Stephanie came too!

My mom, Emily and Maryn waiting for our firework show to begin.

Joseph & Charles showing off their glow jewelry!

Christopher and his friends brought out a couch from Lexin's house to be more comfortable during the show. We had my other good friends and their kids and a few others come to watch our show. It was fun having so many friends over. My very favorite 4th since I moved to Utah!!!!