Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Beginnings

Tonight was New Beginnings. It is a big night because I am in Young Women's, but tonight was very special. It was Emily's turn to be introduced this year. She was super excited and wanted to look perfect. She thought she looked so good she kept singing that man I feel like a woman song. She is so funny.
I cannot believe how grown-up she has become in the last little while. She had so much fun and felt so special. She was part of the group of girls and it was so good to see how happy she was. It was a great night for my growing up girl. I wish it didn't go so fast.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Emily's Day

Emily got some special treatment today. She was given a free day of pampering at a wonderful friend's hair salon. Her ratty mess of hair was transformed into this lovely creation.

On the way home she wore bags on her hands because of her paraffin wax treatment. She felt so special. How lucky are we to have someone do something so special for my sweet daughter. What a blessing.

After we got home, Emily had to get ready for her clogging pictures. She was supposed to wear make-up and I think she looked way too old, but way beautiful. This is Emily with her clogging teacher. She just adores her clogging teacher who just happens to be one of my young woman that I also adore. Emily felt so beautiful today. It was good to see her smiling! I want to thank all of the people who go out of their way to make my daughter feel loved. It means the world to me!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Bringing in the New Year

We were so blessed to have our favorite people come for a visit. They stayed for 6 days and it was a complete joy!!!
We took the kids to Nickel City. They had a blast!

This is me with two of my best friends! Jamie and Dennis!!

We also celebrated Christine's Birthday!!
The boys had a lot of fun making a snowman. Jamie's kids have never really had a chance to experience snow, so it was a special treat for them.

They were all excited to sled. They had a great time!

Joseph made a ramp to catch some air and also snow boarded down the hill. That kid likes to mix it up!
I had such a great time with my friend and her kids. They are family to us all. My kids call her kids cousins. Jamie is my sister by heart. I just love her. We were able to go shopping, see a couple movies, eat out, play games and just talk the night away. She even did all my laundry. It was quite a feat and very much appreciated. We also got to play games with one of my other friends here which was a blast!
New Years was so much fun! We did sparklers,

and toasted in the new year!!

I even got my New Years Kiss!!!
Happy New Year 2011........But wait!

I was outside toasting my friend and Dennis comes out and tells me not to worry, Chris is okay, but there has been an accident. I don't care who says my son is okay, car accidents freak me out. I was widowed by a car accident and both my grandfathers died in a car accident and one on New years eve. Camron had called Dennis. I couldn't get there soon enough. When I got there I saw something like the photo above. I was too much of a nervous wreck to take a real picture. Plus it never crossed my mind. Christopher was already in the ambulance, so I hopped in. My mom's car was down a ditch. Christopher and the car were not injured at all. Not one scratch on either of them. Christopher was alone and he must have passed out. He said he felt dizzy and tried to pull over. That is when I believe he passed out and a heavenly helper drove him off the road in the opposite direction to safety. The car was going very slowly and the snow stopped the car. What a blessing. It took a few hours, as usual, to get him to be coherent. It was a long first few hours of the new year in the E.R. We got home close to 5 a.m. What a scary night. We were truly blessed.

Other things seem to be looking up as well. We found my step-son's missing dog. The happiest news besides Christopher's life not being in danger is that Dennis, after three years, has gotten a full time job. YAY!!! He is going to keep his two part time jobs, but I think that is crazy and hopes he burns out soon so I can spend more time with him. I miss him when he works so much. The blessing I truly want has not come my way, yet. I am hoping and praying for a miracle!!! Jamie and her kids left on Sunday morning. We all miss them and can't wait to see them again soon. Thanks for coming my friend. I love you and your family. We all love you!!!