Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Old Man

Today is my old man's, I mean husband's birthday! We went out for a nice dinner and a movie date. On Monday we are going to a Three Dog Night concert in the outdoor theatre. It is a band from his generation. I got him the tickets for his birthday. He is excited, I don't know exactly what they sing except "Joy to the fishies in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me." WHATEVER!! That's what happens when you marry someone older than your parents.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flying Through The Air

okay, so we have had some dirt bikes and 4 wheelers for over a year and I have never gone. Today was my lucky (or not so lucky) day! Dennis and I took two 4 wheelers out for a ride. It was my first time riding . I loved it! I practiced on flat ground and I was doing great. Dennis told me we could ride up into the mountain. He said to go ahead and he would catch up. Catch up? I was flying through the air. These aren't little four wheelers they are big and powerful, too powerful! I was going so fast. There were a lot of twists and turns, rocks, and it was so uneven and thrilling. I was imagining that I was Bella riding with Jacob in La Push. I was having a great time and then it happened. I saw a deep pit of rocks and I didn't flinch (I should have!) It through me off balance as I hit and my front wheels were headed off the lip of the trail. I don't really know exactly what happened, but I was flying through the air one way and the machine went another way. I hit hard. I landed on my left side and because my butt is so huge it took the brunt of the fall. I lay there feeling closterphobic unable to remove my helmet. Jacob, I mean, Dennis assessed the situation and helped me up. He said that I was going too fast and this was a trail for experienced riders. He said that he wouldn't have even ridden that fast on this trail and he's been riding for longer than I've been alive. How did I know? I had to ride back because we were so far out. I took an easy straight, flat trail back to the car. That was fun. It was supposed to be like that. This I could do again, but the expert track at high speeds is out of the question. I feel like I have been hit by a truck. The longer I've been home the more it starts to hurt. I'm a little cut up and the bruises should be glorious. Tomorrow morning should be way fun getting out of bed. So, how was your day?

Monday, August 18, 2008

Wii Fit

I finally found it!! I finally got the Wii Fit. I was so excited. We all played for FHE! Doing the profile was interesting. Emily laughed at me and called me all kinds of lovely names. I did 30 minutes of aerobics so that's pretty cool. I can't wait to play tomorrow. I am hoping to get addicted! If you haven't tried it, CHECK IT OUT!

First Day of School

It's finally here! The happiest day of the year has begun. I am feeling so much peace right now. We started the day with scripture reading and a family prayer(not an easy feat in our house). I even made a big pancake, egg, and sausage breakfast.(Anyone that knows me will understand how miraculous this is.) I think my whole family is shocked. The kids were all so excited and they looked real cute. I'm looking at my things to do list and I don't feel so overwhelmed. I will be alone ALL DAY!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Adventure

What a week! My friend, Jamie picked me up on her way home to California. We made quite a few stops along the way. The first stop was a lunch break at a Burger King in Fillmore, UT. This town just happened to be in the middle of a locust invasion. It was so gross. They were EVERYWHERE!! Our next stop was in Bryan Head. It was a beautiful time share that Jamie has. The first thing the kids wanted to do was go swimming. We all had so much fun.
Emily & Joseph swimming.

We all had matching pajammas, even Jamie and me!

Emily gave herself a makeover!

We got back on the road in the morning and headed out for our next day of adventure. First stop, Cedar Breaks, was beautiful. The kids ran in the meadow picking wild flowers and looking for special rocks.
Charles, Joseph, Emily & Maryn

Next stop, Bryce Canyon, breathtaking!

We met this chipmunk, Chippy, (named by Emily), at Bryce

Emily, without permission, threw her sandwhich to Chippy during our picnic. He seemed to enjoy it.

Next thing you know, we saw this sign. We were nice and we didn't turn Emily in.

Next stop, Zion National Park, Awesome!!!
The kids all loved playing in the river at Zion.

Emily was the brave one. The boys followed her lead.
Climbing this rock was quite a feat!

We stopped for the evening at another cool time share in Las Vegas. In the morning we went shopping at the outlets. The kids rode this carousel.

The rest of the day we went swimming in the fun pool with water slides.

In the morning, we were on the road again toward California. We stopped at our favorite Alien Jerky store in Baker, Ca. If you have never tried it, you are missing out. The original is the absolute best!
We were just a couple hours short of our destination when we decided to make an impromptu stop at Calico Ghost Town. It is an old mining town. It produced mostly silver and borax.

Joseph & Emily went back in time.

We actually had so much fun here. We went through a real mine. The kids did leather stamping. We looked in all the little shops. We went through a museum. We got to see all the original buildings. It was GREAT!

We finally got to Jamie's house and her husband had a yummy dinner waiting for us. We got the kids settled and Jamie and I went to go see "Mama Mia". We ended up being the only ones in the theatre and we had so much fun. We left early in the morning for Sea World. We stayed all day until after the freworks. It was a great day!
In the morning, I said goodbye to my friend Jamie and her kids. My mom picked us up and we went out to breakfast. I was met there by my other best friend, Stephanie and her most adorable baby, Logan! My mom took Joseph and Emily home with her for the day. I left with Stephanie and Logan.
We decided to have a last minute girls game night with Jamie. She came over and we had a blast playing games for the rest of the night.

In the morning, Stephanie drove me to the airport and I met my mom there with the kids. After a wild week we flew home this morning. We will remember this fun summer vacation forever!