Monday, January 28, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

I made this slideshow for Christopher in honor of his 16th birthday.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brothers and Sisters Having Fun Together

The kids all went out and played in the snow together. After, they went to the rec center and went swimming. I love it when the kids all hang out together. Especially when they are gone all day!! Just so you know, when Emily left she was wearing her snow suit. I didn't realize she wasn't even wearing her jacket until I downloaded these pictures. Oh, well.

Christopher and Joseph

Christine and Emily

Christopher and Emily


Christine and Emily


This is my husband, Dennis. He is one of the nicest people in the whole world. He takes good care of me. He is patient and understanding. He is a truly good person. He never talks bad about anyone or is unkind to anyone. I'm probably the only one that can make him mad, but I have to try really hard. He never raises his voice. That makes me really mad. Especially since I already have a louder than average voice. So, when I'm mad I am all loud and he is talking in a quiet calm voice. I guess he says he had to be calm as a police officer. WHATEVER! Anyways, I am lucky to have found my old man, yes he is 19 years older. He is trying to teach me how to be more mature and I'm trying to teach him to be a little more silly. We have nothing in common. Together we make a complete, well rounded couple that annoys the crap out of each other. Oh, he would tell me not to use that word, so let me change it. We bug the heck out of each other. I'm cool. He's a nerd. He says that we are like Beauty and the Beast. He has all the beauty and I am a beast. He loves me and makes me happy.

This is Dennis in Alaska in front of the Mendenhall Glacier. The glaciers are so breathtaking.

Introducing My Three Beautiful Step Children

Christine, Andrew, and Stephanie
This is Andrew. He is 23. He recently graduated from the University of Utah with a degree in mechanical engineering. He is so incredibly smart. He is coming home Wednesday from a 2 month trip to Taiwan. I am excited to hear all about it.

This is Stephanie. She is 16 Years old. She goes to the same high school as Christopher. She is funny. I love hanging out with her, but she is always out with her friends, so anytime she comes over it is a treat.

This is Christine. She just turned 21. She goes to school at Utah Valley University. She is one of the most kind hearted people I've ever known. She is one of my best friends. She loves to play games. Yeah!! We play all the time. She is so awesome!!!


Joseph is quite the little athlete. His team won today. He made a few baskets and was tough on D. Look how tiny he is compared to the other boys.

It is very hard to take still photos of a basketball game. These are the best I could do. Christopher won his game today. He did awesome on D and can jump super high for the rebounds. He's a really good player.

Emily loves to eat snacks and roll around on the floor during the games. She says that she hates BYU, but had to get this shirt because of the cute baby cougar. I asked her why she would want to wear a BYU shirt if she doesn't like them. She explained that the shirt is her disguise when she is pretending to be a kid that likes BYU.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Second Grade Idol

Well, Emily said she had to wear "cool" clothes today for her performance. Her and Samantha practiced a hundred times last night. Emily had some pretty cool moves. I was all ready to snap pictures of her choreography, but it appears as if she changed her moves to the stand perfectly still like a statue with your hands glued to your side. She did sing very well and only had to mumble a few parts. She sang her favorite song which is "Ultimate" by Lindsey Lohan. It is from Freaky Friday. I am proud of her for being brave enough to lip sync' in front of her whole music class. She takes after me I suppose. In fifth grade I did a lip sync to "Union of the Snakes" by Duran Duran for the school talent show. I was totally awesome. Happy Day!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Emily came home from school with a new friend today. Her name is "Oats". She is a meal worm. Oats is a little rascal acording to Emily. She will become a pupa and ultimately a beatle. She eats oats and lives in a little cup. She goes everywhere with Emily, even the bathtub. Maybe Oats will get lost at school.
If you are wondering why Emily's face is all red it's because she can't stop licking her face. It gets worse in the cold. She gets prizes for putting medicine on it. She was too busy after school today to put medicine on because she was "rehearsing". There is a small talent type show in her music class tomorrow. I hope moms can go. So, nothing more to report except for the exciting fact that I beat my high score on Space Invaders. I finally got over 5000. My new high score is 5260. I have this game on my phone and it is my entertainment while I'm in waiting rooms and so forth. Just so you don't think I sit around at home all day and play. At home I play other games. Happy Day!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We woke up today to what we call a "winter wonderland". It is my favorite kind of day. Annabelle loves to play in the snow. My camera is dead so I barely got these few photos. I hope to get a new one soon. So, the only pictures are of my sweet puppy. Doesn't she look cute. I love how she sleeps with her puppy. She ripped the eyes out, but she loves it jsut the same. The kids had so much fun too. They went sledding.
On a different note, today is Martin Luther King Day. Emily was very excited to tell us about why we celebrate this day. She said that there were very mean white people that made the black people sit in the back of the bus. She said that the back of the bus is the funnest part of the bus because you get to jump up and down. She said that Martin Luther King wanted freedom and now we have the freedom to eat cheese. I'm glad she has a grasp on her history. I asked her if she knew anything else about it and she, with a you are so dumb look her face, said, "How should I know? I didn't live at that time." I never seem to be able to argue her explanations. The thing that is the funniest is that she is totally serious. Happy Day!!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Week In Review

Okay, my life is so busy, but when I tried to think of what I did I was quite saddened by my lack of interesting events. So, I suppose I will relate some of the uninteresting happenings. I know you are just dying to read on. Well, Monday was the hospital trip, which totally negated our family night. Emily was quite upset with Christopher and told him how he ruined her night. Oh, I almost forgot, the Sears repair man came and fixed our dishwasher. Now that is exciting. I hate washing dishes by hand. Tuesday I went to the orthodontist. I don't know if I'll ever get my braces off. Christopher had a physical, Emily had counseling, and Joseph went to scouts. I topped the evening off with a viewing of American Idol.Now, this might not sound that great, but to me it is AWESOME!! I got my living room so clean. I mean under couches, vacuum couches, pretty much every inch is perfect. I also got my office totally perfect. They have both been clean for like four whole days. You have no idea how miraculous that is. Christopher did play his basketball game on Thursday. He did well. He won. My weekend was spent inside enjoying the snowfall while curled up on the couch in front of a nice fire. I really hope my upcoming week is more, let's say, noteworthy. So, have a happy day. Oh, and leave comments if you want. That way I know someone is actually reading this lame blog.


Well it wasn't Brett Favre's night. We lost by a field goal in overtime. Needless to say, Christopher and I were at the edge of our seats. Many neighbors may have heard a few outbursts of yelling, screaming and cheering. Ultimately, the screaming and yelling won out. I am trying to relax now. I think I was on the verge of a heart attack. Maybe next year.

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Trip to the Hospital

Christopher came home from basketball practice between two other teammates. They were holding him up. The story wasn't clear at first, but I knew he needed to go to the hospital. I hobbled out, even forgetting my crutches, to the car. He was a little disoriented, but from what I understood I explained it to the doctor like this; He was playing basketball and he collided into someone, their shoulder into Chris' face forcing it to the side and he heard his neck pop and was in awful pain. He then went inside the restroom, where he passed out. The next thing he remembers is a friend asking if he was okay. They picked him up and brought him back to me. I was very nervous and hoped he didn't have a spine injury. We went to the ER. He had x-rays and was examined by a doctor. Thank goodness it was just a neck strain. I guess a strain is to a muscle what a sprain is to a ligament. I've had a sprain so I can imagine he was in severe pain. The passing out is what really had me concerned. The doctor explained that everything looked good and that the pain was probably so intense that it caused him to passed out. So, to make a long story short, Chris has a neck strain that will be treated with rest and time. I am grateful for this blessing. It looked so much worse. He will be just fine! Just another fun filled night in my exciting life.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Go Pack GO

Go Pack Go!! Brett Favre Rocks!!!

Packer's Win 42-20!!!
Brett Favre Dominates!
If They Win Next Sunday
We're Going To "The Dance"

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Emily's Baptism

Emily and Christopher

Joseph & Emily

Emily was very sweet at her Baptism.

Christopher looked so handsome. He

was nervous, but did a wonderful job.

They said that the water was freezing.

Emily's friend, Samantha came. I didn't

have much choice about that. She came

over the night before with her suitcase.

Emily planned a sleep over. I wish I would have been up to date on the plans. I asked Samantha if she was going to be coming to the Baptism. (I meant with her family) She said, "Of course, Why do you think I brought my dress?".So, I guess she was planning a LONG sleep over. They didn't sleep until after 4 a.m. Emily was happy. She had her best friend and a couple from primary come.

Camron, Christopher's best friend and Emily's true love gave a talk. He introduced himself as Emily's future husband and that made her happy. It was a wonderful day.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Introducing...Mindy's Life

Okay, I think I just made fun of someone last week for making up a blog about themselves. Well, all I have to say now is, "All my friends are doing it". So, now all my 2 friends will always know what is happening in my exciting life. I don't want to keep any of you in suspense about my latest high score on space invaders. Which just so happens to be 4990. I am dying to get over 5000. I'll let you know. So, what's going on? Emily has finally found a friend. She is more annoying than I could ever describe, but we tolerate her for Emily's sake. Friday nights are our sleepover nights and let me tell you it's a rough night for us all. This past friday they put lipstick on Christopher while he was asleep. Last week at the movies they ran around the whole theatre like wild beasts. I am totally serious. Her counselor says her brain will contiue to develop and with the proper support she could possibly overcome parts of her NLD. That is awesome news. She will start taking a social skills class soon. Joseph is Mr. All American as usual. He is very popular with the young ladies. He has a gang of friends and his social calendar is always full. He loves riding his motorcycle, smokin' up the football field, and is currently hoopin' it up in basketball. Oh, and did I mention straight A's and a cub scout. Then we get to Christopher. He just turned 16 and he is never home. He has enjoyed the new dating scene and has been incredibly responsible at group dating. He too is a chick magnet and a gaggle of friends to fill his social calendar. He is lucky enough to have his own car. I love my new errand boy. He also hoops it up in basketball right now. Dennis has started his new career as a private investigator. He seems to like it. I broke my leg a couple weeks ago so I am hopping it up all over the house. I am trapped in my house until someone comes home and lets me out of my cage. My Annabelle keeps me company, she is the best. The weather is absolutely beautiful, if you love snow. I could look up at Mt. Timpanogos forever and I am blessed with a gorgeous view right in my own home. So, this is my first blog and I hope I didn't ramble and bore you to death.
Love you all-well I guess it depends on who is reading this. Happy Day!