Friday, February 29, 2008

Dennis Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, I have to just say that my husband is awesome!! He got his retirement check in and I asked him if he was going to buy me a present. He asked what kind. I said, "I don't know something with diamonds, like a necklace." I was half kidding, but hey if he wants to then why not. So, I suggested that we go to the mall. He let me pick out this beautiful 1ktw. eternity necklace. I am so spoiled!! The jewelry store people kept asking what the occaision was. Dennis just looked at me and I said that it was because he likes me. He said, "yeah that". Yeah, I'm so lucky. Now I remember why I like him. J/K It is way shinnier than the picture. I just had a way hard time getting a clear picture. Like I said before, "He's all mine ladies!"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Don't Waste My Time

Today I did my visiting teaching. I visit teach Emily's activity days leader. She said she had a funny story to tell me about Emily. She went on to tell me about how they were making cookies for the Bishopric. The girl that lived closest to each member was asked to deliver cookies to them. We live by the Bishop. When asked if she would drop the cookies off to him, Emily replied "No, I don't feel like it." Emily explained that she had to go straight home because her friend was giving her "cartwheel lessons". Chris was a little late picking her up so the leader told Emily she could ride with this other girl and they could both drop the cookies off together. Emily said, "fine". Then Chris drove up and Emily ran to the car and yelled out, "I can't do it now my ride's here." I never heard anything about it from Emily. When I got home I asked her why she wouldn't take the cookies to the Bishop. She said, "It's a waste of time." I replied, "A waste of time?" She said, "Yeah, a waste of MY time." What a lovely daughter I have.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Blue and Gold Dinner

Emily and her friend from Primary

Joseph's cake decorating contest award.

Emily having the time of her life at the scout dinner.

Emily ran to the food line when dinner started. She cries if she doesn't get their first. She was waiting in the line for cake even before it was time for cake. You can't fault a girl for loving her dessert. Christopher was too cool to come. What a big brat!! He went to workout instead.

We (I mean Joseph) won the award for "Most Original". Everyone else's cakes were way better. Surprisingly, we got a lot of compiments. It was different than all the others. It grew on me. We rocked the cake competition!!

My boys kept laughing when I was trying to make the zipper area. Dennis didn't know what it was and didn't think anyone else would either. I thought it looked very lame.

Every year the cub scouts have a blue and gold dinner to celebrate scouting. They have a tradition of a cake decorating contest (every boy wins). The theme this year was belt loops. I had no idea what to do. We finally came up with making a belt out of brown frosting and putting his real belt loops on it. (belt loops are little awards you earn and wear on your scout belt)

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Walking Is For Pioneers

I was shopping at Walmart yesterday with Emily. It was taking a while and she was complaining about that. So, eventually she started collapsing on the ground every so often. One time when I told her to get up off the floor she just laid there and said, "I was not made to walk this much. I'm not a pioneer." So I told her how hard it was for the pioneers and she told me that at least they got to take breaks sometimes. I guess it's good she wasn't born a pioneer. She was born as a whine bag!!

I took Emily to the doctor the other day. When we got back to the car my battery was dead. She said that the doctor could drive us home. I told her he was busy. She said that the nurses wern't that busy and they could do it. I asked her if we should pray and she said "Nah" I said that we will pray anyway. Within a few minutes two nice people came up to my car and helped us until I was ready to drive away. On the way to her school, I asked her if she noticed anything. She reckognized right away that our prayer was answered. I know Heavenly Father was helping her with her testimony of prayer. It reminded me too.

I guess Emily gets more time on here than the boys, but she is much more interesting. I mean unique or maybe weird. However you look at it, Emily makes us laugh and pull our hair out. Emily got in trouble at school for goofing off. She explained to me that she was the class clown and the class clown always gets in trouble. "No one is funnier than me." She told me. So she explained getting in trouble goes along with the territory for class clowns so there's not much she can do about it.

Okay, let's see what the boys are up to. They both had basketball games yesterday. Joseph is such an awesome athelete. He plays defense agressively and even though he's tiny, he gets all up in their business. Chris had an exciting game. I know I'm the loudest parent there, but Chris and his team like my cheering. I even made a big sign to hold up while I yelled. I love to embarass Chris. They won by one point in overtime. It was awesome!! Joseph and Chris are always out hangin' with friends so I get Emily as my constant companion. Especially when her only friend is grounded for goofing around with Emily in class.

Joseph got all A's and a B+. He was upset about the B. He is always on the honor roll. At parent teacher conference he was rated (as usual) the most wonderful boy. Chris, well let's just say opposite of Joseph's grades, like Joseph a wonderful young man. Emily gets N for needs to improve, P for partial mastery, and Y for yes they have mastered that skill. She got mostly P's. It didn't phase her a bit. She said that the P stood for perfect and she got all "perfects". Way to go! She also got a 100% on her spelling test for the first time. (she only gets 4 words) She is so proud of herself. If you read this and want to call to congratulate her, it would mean so much to her. She used to just give herself an A+ on every paper she would bring home, but she's starting to catch on that she has to actually earn them.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Order in the Court

"Someone" spilled their drink all over my desk. It just so happened to be the exact cup Emily was drinking from. Dennis accused Emily and asked her to help him clean it up. That's when the show began. Emily started to cry and scream and wanted me to tell Dennis to be nice to her. I was downstairs cleaning and I didn't want any part of it. She told me that she was innocent and that Dennis probably saw her cup and spilled it so she would get into trouble because he doesn't like her. I told her to just calm down. She wasn't happy with my lack of concern so she went back upstairs. I heard hear arguing with Dennis and then she said that she was going to prove her innocence. She told Dennis that they needed to go to court. She appointed Joseph and Annabelle as co-counsel for her defense. Dennis represented himself. I was supposed to be the judge, but I really didn't feel like going upstairs. So I just listened. It was quite amusing. They were questioning each other and Dennis was being so lighthearted and funny. It changed the whole mood. Joseph made Emily plead "guilty by accident". He asked the court for a recess to examine the crime scene. Joseph demonstrated how the accident could have occured. They called witnesses and everything. It was quite a trial. Joseph asked the court to impose a "lesser punishment" because it was an accident. So, Emily, still maintaining her innocence, was sentenced to picking up the hallway. Everyone seemed satisfied with the outcome. Dennis tried to offer a "not guilty by reason of crazy", but the defense rejected this proposal. Joseph could make a great little attorney someday. Annabelle was let go from the case for jury tampering, but all in all justice was served.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

More Valentine Fun

My friend Jamie took a picture of how her sweet boy made a Valentine for her whole family. So, I thought I would copy her and show the lovely Valentine Emily brought home to our family. She didn't decorate it very much, but the message is clear, she loves herself. The first picture is just one of the special handmade cards that Joseph received from a girl. Christopher didn't celebrate this year. Dennis and I are going to the movies to see P.S. I Love You. I hope it's good.

Emily likes a little boy in her class. She told me that she made him admit that he liked her. She explained that her and her friend trapped this boy against the wall and told him to answer the question. Emily asked who he had a crush on. He told her three girl's names (including hers). She said that she was so happy she ran around the playground with her arms in the air chanting "USA, USA". I asked her why and she said because she won. She says that he has known about her crush on him for a long time. Well, I guess she had a happy Valentine's Day. The boy and Emily love Emily!

Happy Valentine's Day

This is my little Valentine. We are having a white Valentines
Day. I want to tell all my friends and family that I love you
and hope you know how much you mean to me!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I Want to be the Biggest Loser

As you may have noticed I have added a new "ticker". I am learning alot about the blogging world. My new ticker will show my weight loss progress. I hope you will join me in this new competition. The BOM challenge has been an intense fight and I am hoping that competitive spirit can help in my quest to lose weight. When I reach my goal I am going to go on a special trip. I have decided to wait until next week to begin this challenge to allow any who is participating to prepare. I know I need a new scale as does one of my friends. You can click on my ticker to set up your own. Leave me a comment if you are joining us so we can all support each other. Good luck. Like me, I know there are quite a few losers out there.

The "Masterpiece"

I just wanted to thank my friend Jamie for this wonderful little gift. Emily loves her new bath crayons. Everytime I try to take a shower she makes me promise not to wash her "masterpiece" off.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My Awesome Vacation

I had the most wonderful time this weekend. I was able to fly out to California to see my friends. I couldn't see everyone and will be back soon to visit all I did not see this time. I got to see my best friend's baby for the first time. He is like a little nephew. He is so cute and I wanted to bring him home with me. His mom wouldn't let me though. She is so selfish!! I can't tell you how great it was to spend time with her. We had a game night on Friday with my two best friends. It was so fun. I got to hang out with my other best friend too. We went to the beach and a special date out to dinner and a movie. It was so nice to be with her. We used to spend almost every day together and since I moved I hardly ever get to see her. It felt like I never left. We could be our silly selves and laughed like I needed to for so long. She also found some things quite hilarious that I didn't. The first day we went to the beach, there were like 500 birds all walking around by us. My friend started throwing crackers out to them and they were fighting over them. Wherever she threw the bread, they followed. So, my dear sweet friend thought it was funny when she kept putting crackers on my butt and the birds would hover over me. I was screaming and she was laughing so hard she almost peed her pants. I never wanted to leave. I also was able to see my brother. I had never seen his house and it was so fun to see how well he and his wife had done for themselves. It was nice to see my little brother all grown up. He took me and one of my friends out to lunch. He then called and invited us over for dinner on Sunday. I had so much fun. We had dinner and played a game. My brother and I were on the same team and we won. I love my brother and hanging out with him was so wonderful. I wish I could have stayed longer. I am like the tannest chick in Utah right now. It doesn't look like anyone cleaned while I was gone so I guess I have a fun couple of days ahead of me just getting it back to the messy state it was in before. To all who made my trip so special, thank you. I love you all and can't wait to see you again! Happy Day!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Devil Made Me Do It

Emily called me on my phone today and was crying. She didn't want to clean up her moon sand and didn't like going to her room. Apparantly, she had already kicked Joseph in the head and kicked dennis in the chest. I told her that she needed to appologize and go to her room. She told me that it wasn't her fault. She told me that Satan made her do it. He always makes her do bad stuff and it's not her fault. She says she tries to pray for help, but it doesn't work. I guess she is not to blame for anything bad she ever does because it is all Satan's fault. This could explain a lot.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

A new job and a new grandpa for Emily

Sometimes, I am so grateful to not have to go everywhere with my daughter. Tonight, all of the kids and Dennis went to Subway to get us some dinner. Apparently, Emily was being her normal wacky self and was doing a strange dance and all the rest. At some point, she went behind the counter and started asking people in a strange, LOUD voice if she could take their order. I guess these two girls were laughing so hard they left the store. She just kept going back there. The man working there gave her a cookie and thanked her for helping him out. She said that he was so nice and should get his phone number so he could marry her Nanny. Mom, your grandaughter has the perfect man for you. He later told her that she was being so crazy that she should give him a cookie. He obviously didn't know that she takes everything literally. She went back behind the counter and tried to grab a cookie to give him. I guess the order was so big it took a long time to fill. The laughing girls never came back. I wonder why he remembered them from when they came in the week before. She is one unforgettable girl.

BOM Challenge

I am such a competitive person it's aweful. When I saw that Jamie was trying to act all hot and put her BOM challenge progress on her blog I just had to show her that I can read too. So, now "Miss, I think I'm so rad" won't be the only to take the challenge. It's pretty sad that it takes my competitive spirit to get me to read the scriptures. Well, whatever works huh? Challenge me to eat healthy and exercise for 97 days and who knows what could happen. I hope you don't want me and Jamie to be the only groovy girls in town doing this challenge. Click on it and join us.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Okay, I knew that I only had like two friends, but what about family? I only had three people vote on my poll. My two friends and myself were the only voters. So, just for this week, if you read my blog can you please vote so I can feel like I have some friends? Isn't my life exciting enough for you people? I used to be just like Britney Spears (I'm not even joking!), but I am now accurately medicated so the shows over all y'all. Okay, so vote on my poll so I can feel loved. The poll doesn't reveal who voted. Little House on the Prarie just started so I must go. Happy day!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

President Gordon B. Hinckley

Today was the funeral for our dearest Prophet, President Gordon B. Hinckley. What a remarkable man. The speakers spoke of his life and his many accomplishments. I reflected on how much he has meant to me in my life. He touched my heart and stregnthened my testimony. He most perfectly exemplified charity. His countanance was that of love and humility. I will miss his smile, his humor, but most of all his love. He has gone home to his Father in Heaven and his dear sweet wife. The tears couldn't help but fall when in the Conference Center they showed everyone seated and there it was, the empty chair of our beloved Prophet between his two counselors. He will be missed "until we meet again".